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Folding Plan of Salvation

Our Folding Plan of Salvation provides a unique and beautiful way to share the Plan!

The design unfolds into sections, allowing you to teach the Plan one panel at a time.

Scripture references have been included for each of the main lesson topics.

Some contain the full text, for the convenience of reading directly from the page!

The layout is designed to correspond with the Preach My Gospel lesson outline.

This approach makes it ideal for those hearing the lesson for the first time. 

Lesson Topics Include:

Panel 1

Pre-Earth Life

Creation of Earth

Agency & the Fall

Panel 2

Our Life on Earth

The Atonement

The Spirit World

Panel 3

Resurrection and Judgment

Kingdoms of Glory

It's simple to use, and refolds afterward for convenient storage and transport.

*** No additional materials are required. ***

Folding Plan is available in one size: 6.5" x 4.5" (or 6.5" x 17.25" when unfolded).

~ Sized to fit most regular scripture totes ~

Folding Plan of Salvation  (English) is available for purchase in the following stores:

If you are interested in purchasing wholesale, please click here.

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